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As a long time Crossfit coach and more recently as an actual gym owner, I hear most often that the reason why people don’t want to pay “a lot of money for a gym membership” is that

“It’s too expensive!”

It’s the #1 reason people say they won’t commit.

As an owner and coach, I can easily see beyond this excuse, but it’s hard for those that don’t understand the implications of this flawed thought process.

I will try to paint you a picture in simple yet effective math and logic;

*Cost of gym membership- $125.00 x 18 Months= $2250.00
*Added nutrition guidance- $125.00 x 3 Months= $375.00
*Total cost for an 18 months “gym membership” = $2625.00

Let us continue down this whirlpool of thought….

IF we break down this chunk of money by the month (nutrition included), we are at $145.83 a month.

Wow! That’s steep for a “gym membership” (more on the gym membership idea below).

There are 547.5 days in 18 months.

So, for 547.5 days you will spend….

Wait for it…..

$4.79 per day for this “super expensive gym membership” with nutrition guidance included….

That is cheaper than MANY widely popular drinks from Starbucks……

Where is our head at when we would willingly consume this amount of money in a Starbucks drink or similar over a more vital and affordable “gym membership”?

The “gym is too expensive” credo is bunk.

The issue here is foul play of the mind and it’s not usually our wallets that dictate the thought process.

It is not the cost of the membership (for most).

I will boldly say it’s 99.9% what we tell ourselves and what things we decide to conjure up in our minds. Yes, I said conjure. Our minds are an extremely powerful hindrance that can help us not face our own truths.

By the way, reality is not truth. Reality is the mind game you’ve chained yourself up to to help you squeak through life unscathed. Reality is the mark where you’ve set your ceiling that you cannot pass. People who live life by “reality” rarely believe in what’s truly possible.

How badly do you want it? How badly do you want results? How badly do you need to change?How tired are you of saying the same old thing – that you’ll figure out how to lose weight all by yourself or through Google?

How much are you willing to watch and learn so that you can budget to afford health?

What is your mindset about yourself and your worth?

Do you think that because you are or have been overweight for some time that this is just you? Do you think that losing weight should be easy and if it’s not you won’t succeed?

Do you think the results are taking too long? How long did it take you to put on the extra weight?

Are you impulsive in all or most things? ie; that cookie looks great….

Is it the fact that there will be too much accountability if you join a community based gym or studio? You would have to show up and work to get results, and if you don’t you won’t be able to make excuses.

Is your ego trapping you in an unhealthy state of mind and body? Are you too self conscience to walk into a place like this for fear of not being enough? Were you a stud in high school and now, it’s 20 years later, but you still think that you know how to do everything so…. who needs an expensive membership?

These questions are meant to make you think about where you are at. Where you really are.

No lies, no hiding behind ‘realities’, no one else in your head.

No one telling you what you should do.  Just you, your thoughts, where you are currently, and where you want to be.

Is your mindset opportunity based or problem based?

Opportunity knows no bounds, problems though… boy, watch out for problems, for they rarely get solved and are a thorn in your side.

“If I had 60 minutes to solve a problem, I’d spend 55 minutes defining it and 5 minutes solving it.” – Albert Einstein**

Karina Bangay is the head coach/owner of Palo Cedro CrossFit. She’s passionate to see others thrive, and handles all programming for PCCF.





*This is a base price that doesn’t include any personal training or extended nutrition guidance (which would benefit most individuals.)