Snatch Work, Abs, Over head squats, Pistols, Burpees

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Palo Cedro CrossFit – CrossFit


10 Min Coaches Choice warm up

Snatch Complex 1 (7×1)

1 complex is-

1- Hang Power Snatch

1- Power Snatch

1- Heaving Snatch Balance

1- Snatch

Every rep will have a 1 second pause in the catch position. Every complex must be done without releasing the bar between reps.
Build weight as you go. Not looking for a max, looking for quality work where form is not compromised. You may be at same weight for all 7 sets if you’d like as well.

Metcon (Time)

5 Rounds for time

5 Over Head Squats (95/65)

5 Pistols E/leg

5 Bar Facing Burpees

Cool Down

2 Rounds;

10 V-ups

20 Second Reverse Plank

10 Reverse Snow angels