Did You Watch the CrossFit Games?

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There is a good chance that you saw CrossFit on your social media or tv this last weekend. It was VERY hard to miss. The Reebok CrossFit Games – the premiere competition to find the fittest man and woman on earth – took place over the last week in Madison, Wisconsin. There were a host of different events within the Games. There were competitions for individual men and women, competitions for 35 and up( Masters) and competitions for the teenagers out there. You might have seen names like Matt Fraser, Tia-Claire Toomey, Katrin Davidsdottir, Brent Fikowski, or others. You might have caught a glimpse on CBS of INCREDIBLY fit looking people in bright clothing performing intense looking feats of strength, skill mastery, or just hard work. Some of it may have reminded you of Olympic weightlifting; other parts may have reminded you of gymnastics. You might have seen a cycling portion, or maybe a Strongman carry. You might have seen swimming and running.

That, my friends, is CrossFit.  A multidisciplinary and very EFFECTIVE approach to training and fitness. Read the article right here and then click back to this blog when you are done.


Regardless of what you saw on your Facebook timeline, or Instagram Discovery – you were seeing the top athletes from our community. You were seeing our friends of friends, heroes, brothers, sisters, sons, daughters etc. Some of them have been in the games for 8 years. Some of them made it to the games for their first time this year. They are professional CrossFitters.

The cool thing is that most of these top athletes each come from a place in their hometowns/cities called a CrossFit Affiliate. There are 13,000 licensed affiliates worldwide. 13,000 licensed places where CrossFit is taught, enjoyed, passed on, and lived. These little hubs are called boxes, and they are the local place where everyday people – grannies, firefighters, mothers, teachers, college athletes, high school seniors, cancer survivors and many more –  show up on the weekly/daily to train their bodies, develop strength, master skills, build mental toughness, and MAKE FAMILY.

This isn’t a fricking gym. We care if you show up.

This isn’t a place you just put your headphones on and slip in and out.
This isn’t a place where we tolerate poor form and coasting through workouts. This isn’t a place where you just do your own thing. This isn’t a place where you avoid challenge. This isn’t a place you just EXERCISE.

This is a community. This is a place with attentive and experienced trainers with you every workout. This is where you address your inconsistencies, struggles, weaknesses, and excuses.

We are an affiliate, and there is a reason why those top athletes are born out of these boxes and these communities.

We know that mental fitness, moral fitness, physical fitness, and emotional fitness are indivisible. We know that our job is to bring the best out of people, and we take that very seriously.

There are no machines. We ARE the machines.” *

The CrossFit Games are awesome and I hope that you got to see some of them, but I LOVE that they are just the tip of a very large iceberg that is the CrossFit family – and if you need that kind of family – we’d be eager to meet you.

Shad McNeil is our Content Creator, Kombucha/Perfect Bar/FitAid enthusiast, and someone who gets stoked on other people’s victories. 


*Quote courtesy of CrossFit Mainsite. Please watch the video posted and enjoy learning about CrossFit.

Palo Cedro CrossFit is one of five local CrossFit affiliates where you have the chance to get involved with CrossFit. See
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