Body Building Day,

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Palo Cedro CrossFit – Country Strong S&C


Coaches Choice 5 Minutes

A1: Pause Bent Over Rows (3×8 E/side)

Form focus here-

Pause at the top of each rep for 2 seconds and lower each rep for 2 seconds

A2: Static Bicep Curls (3x?)

45 Seconds to Hold curl position in 1 arm while the other is going for quality reps for the entire 45 seconds. Switch Arms after a 45 second rest.
Work for consistent reps for each set

A3: L-Sit (3x 20 Seconds)

Accumulate 20 seocnds in either full L-sit or a tuck in each set

A4: Rope Climb (3×2-3)

Today you will not rest betweenrope climbs you will go one right into the next for 1 set.

Metcon (Weight)

Hug a D-ball or Med ball depending on strength- Choose weight.

3 Rounds for weight.

1 Minute of Hugging your ball and stand- drop into lunge, then drop both knees to ground, then stand up out of it lunge style.

Then Hug ball for 200 M