At Your Front Door

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I’m a passenger- with my brother and sister-in-law – on our way to my sister’s wedding in Wyoming. Roughly, twenty hours of asphalt and transforming horizons. I’m peering through a rain-wet glossy windshield listening to 22, A Million by Bon Iver, while my nieces and nephew watch Little House on the Prairie. It is dark outside, and it is brisk, and it is rainy. It’s exciting and, it feels like adventure.

Adventure is a buzzword right now. Google it. Pinterest it. Instagram it. Read a blog. You will likely find references to adventure, a thousand tattoo pictures, some slick-looking apparel, cool outdoor advertisements, and at least one Pacific Northwest waterfall. You will see a thousand quotes that say things like:
“Adventure is waiting.”
“Let’s go on an adventure.”
“Jobs fill your pockets. Adventure feeds your soul.”

Or, one of my favorite quotes from the movie Up,
“Adventure is out there.”

More on that, in a moment.

I have a favorite t-shirt. It is army green. I bought it at the Progenex booth at the CrossFit Games in Carson last year. It says “Move” on the front, and I wear it frequently. It also gets REALLY wrinkly which is a bummer.

Anyway, I love that t-shirt.

More on that, in a moment.

So, even if you are only moderately honest, you will realize that quotes and ideas about adventure are really nice, but we have things like jobs and families and commitments! We each bear a certain level of responsibility and need to create stability in our worlds. We KNOW the adventure quotes, but we also know the quotes that say:
“The grass is greenest where you water it.”

“Slow and steady wins the race.”
“Build a life that you don’t need to escape from.” Etc.


Do you travel or do you stay put? Do you put down roots or sprout wings? Do you vacation or staycation? Do you nest egg or fly the coop?

Well, remember when I mentioned that t-shirt?

During the wod the other night, I had my camera set up and was taking photos and video. I jumped in for the wod, sweated, and called it a night. However, hours later, I was scrolling through the footage I’d taken. At one point in the workout, I had turned my back during the wod and the writing from the back of my army green Progenex shirt flickered into focus.

“Adventure is AT your front door.”

I do not remember it saying that when I bought it.

But, there it is in distressed grey print.

“Adventure is at your front door.”

The CrossFit Open is on to its fifth and final week, and every Thursday that I have left to go watch the workout announcement, I have been so excited! Equally, every night or morning that I go to attend a class, I’m anxious and excited. Even if I’ve looked ahead at what we are doing, I STILL get jittery to some degree.

These nerves are proof that I’m not letting my life pass me by. *

They are proof that I’m doing something each day that I haven’t ever done.

They are proof that I’m digging deep while simultaneously going further than I’ve gone previously.

They are proof that I don’t have to leave it all behind (geographically speaking) for adventure.

The adventure of discovering what I’m good at. The adventure of witnessing other people find what they are good at. The gritty and fresh adventure of making something from your life, apprehensive or not.

The adventure that jerks the air out of your lungs and leaves you second guessing what you know.

Palo Cedro CrossFit is not even a full mile from the house we lived in my junior year of high school.

And, this week, I’m in Wyoming and will do the final CrossFit Open workout in my hometown.

I wanted to go so far. I still want to go far. I will go far.

Adventure is out there, yeah.

But, really, it’s at my front door.