Women’s Spring Program


Spring Training is the perfect six weeks for you to spring into a summer body. The goal of this program is to help you shed the extra pounds that are bothering you. You'll have the chance to work towards a flatter stomach, toned arms, and firm glutes with the help of an awesome trainer who has been where you are. We have nutrition guidance for you that will cover the basics of eating healthy to help you not only lose fat, but point you in the direction of healthy hormone and immune response. You can expect to see significant results in your six weeks. Spring training features a womens coach giving womens specific training in a mixed gender time slot. Sign up to get started on your fitness journey!

Ladies Spring Training

  • Get your body ready for summer
  • Lose Fat
  • Experience personal nutitrition guidance
  • Build lean muscle
  • Enjoy the accountability from a great support system

- Team Palo Cedro