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Wod #1-
9 Min Time Cap
One Partner working at a time complete
800 M Run
30 Wall Balls (20/14) Scaled is Any weight that they can do safely
20 Pull Ups Scaled is ring rows
10 32’ Bear Crawls
20 Pull Ups
30 Wall Balls

Rules of engagement….
One partner working at a time to complete said wod
You may split reps between partners as you choose
Wall Balls RX considered a 20 or 14 lb ball reaching the correct male female heights, with a full depth squat at each throw
Wall Balls good reps for scaled competitors is full depth squat each WB toss and ball must hit correct lines for male female heights, no weight given, go off of your ability and strength, a coach may help you choose!
Pull Ups- Chin over par every rep, not a reaching chin
Pull Ups- Scaled good reps are any pull ups you are capable of doing with your chin over the bar or any ring row where you are at full extension at the bottom of rep and hit sides of pecks with thumbs
Bear Crawl is the same across the board- Every 1 foot is considered 1 second when it comes to scoring.
9 Min time cap so if you do not finish then every rep not completed is considered 1 second added to 9 minutes.

Wod #2-
Double Jerks
7 Minutes with your partner to each hit a Max effort Shoulder to Overhead
*Scaled is max weight Push Press only
Immediately following the 7 Minute Max Effort Lift you have
3 Minutes to accumulate as many DU’s or single skips as possible to add poundage to your overall score for Wod #2

Rules of engagement…
Lifts are from the rack- YEAH!!!!!
Your Partner may help you lift your weight back onto rack if they can clean it
When it gets heavy and if you or your partner cannot clean it safely you must strip weight down quickly to put it back on the rack
You may Strict press, Push Press, Push Jerk, or Split Jerk- if you are new I highly suggest working a strict press or if you feel safe a Push Press but no jerking.
Full Lockout must be achieved of knees, hips, arms (elbows) and feet brought back to center
Full control must be shown to complete the lift and when coach says Yes it’s fine to drop
Leave weights where they are and immediately move to jump roping
Each DU completed = 2 Lbs. Each Single completed = 1 Lb.
Each team may jump rope according to their own strategy- it does not have to be equal at all only what you guys agree on.

Wod #3-
Toe Up
Each Partner has 90 Seconds to accumulate as many T2B as possible-
One partner goes then the other goes for a full 90 Seconds
Scaled will do a knee raise to a target height

Rules of engagement……
Each partner will have a full 90 seconds uninterrupted to accumulate as many T2B as possible, then your partner will go
Your feet must hit the bar simultaniously for rep to count
Scaled competitors will have a set height for their knees to hit for their reps to count
Scoring will be a 2:1 ratio-Every T2B counts as 1 full point/rep
Once you pick a Movement you must stick with it- NO MIX N MATCH

Wod #4-
Stay With Me
Synchronized movement wod
-4 Min- 2 Rounds
10 Box Jumps (24/20)
10 American KB Swings (53/35)
10 Lunges (bar shared #45)
-4 Min- 2 Rounds
12 Box Jumps (24/20)
12 American KB Swings (53/35)
12 Lunges (bar shared #45)
-4 Min- 2 Rounds
14 Box Jumps (same)
14 American KB Swings (same)
14 Lunges (same)
-4 Min- 2 Rounds
16 Box Jumps (same)
16 American KB Swings (same)
16 Lunges (same)
AND SO ON……………..
When you cannot complete 2 rounds in a 4 minute time period then you will immediately go to your Pulling variation for added repetitions to your Stay With Me wod for only 4 more minutes of work to get as many Muscle-Ups, Bar Muscle-Ups, C2B, Pull Ups (chin over), Jumping Pull Ups to help add to your rep count!
Rules of engagement…….
You must have synchronized movement for the Box Jumps (standing tall on the box at same time, on the ground at same time)
You must have synchronized American KB swings at the same time ( overhead at the same time)
KB RX positioning must be inverted and perpendicular to the gound- bottom of bell towards ceiling NOT rounded part of bell
You must have synchronized Lunges especially as you are sharing the bar on your shoulder of choice
Step ups are acceptable for Scaled and RX folks as long as they are still synchronized with partner and points mentioned above.
Scaled folks will be doing a Russian swings- synchronized still a must at top of range – For russian height is arms parallel to ground
Once you cannot complete your 2 rounds in 4 minutes you will do the Pulling for added reps
Muscle Ups= 5
Bar Mups= 3
C2B= 2 Reps
Pull Up (chin over bar)= 1
Jumping Pull Ups= .5
Any rep scheme is acceptable between you and your partner- team plan!