+1 Competition/Weekend Recap

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Hey Family!  I hope that the beginning of your week is going well!  Whether you managed to get into the gym today or not, I hope that you were able to move a bit or rest a bit and give those sore muscles a break!  It was seriously a memorable and fun weekend for our gym,  and I didn’t want to let it go by without taking a moment to look back at it and and recap some of what went on. Let the shoutouts begin!

Lani and Karina, thank you guys. You put on an epic competition. The DJing was on point, and the WODS were tough and mentally a bit cheeky. The strategy of it all was really exciting!!  I can’t even begin to point out all of the highlights from the day, but I will hit a couple! Shawna PR’d her jerk by 5 lbs!  Ryan partnered with Tiffany , (who does PT with Ryan!) and came in 4th overall!  It was some of her first time working with barbells! Donna, Marcus, and Seth jumped in with judging and volunteering which was so much a help! Cody managed to join the event and Tasha was able to watch for a bit- even though their new baby could have come at any moment!! Ryan Faucheax is one fast dude! New member Alicia joined Chase and cranked out great numbers on jerks and put in almost all 18 reps on the 4th WOD. I PR’d my power clean without even realizing what I was doing.  Kate even bounced back from a nap to help Lee grab 1st place! 😂Triston, Dan, Jamie, Amy, Shelby, Katie, Meagan, Chad , Paul, Kelly, CJ, Stephanie, Gavan, Gretchen – you guys are some awesome athletes and I love getting to do life and CrossFit with you! Comment below some of your favourite moments from the competition – whether it was a personal best or first time competing etc!

Also, Katie Reed was down in Aromas, California at the CrossFit ranch getting her Level 1 CrossFit Certification if you didn’t know! be sure to give her an atta girl when you see her next! Such and awesome achievement. Great to have another L1 coach in the building!


Some other stuff you should be aware of!

Registration for the CrossFit Open has begun! Go to https://games.crossfit.com/ to register! Let’s get as many people signed up as we can! It’s an incredible chance to see how we stack up in the greater CrossFit community!

We are gonna have Jenny LaBaw with us on February 18th talking Open preparation!

Sweatshirts are in and will be ready for pick up Tuesday the 17th during the evening classes! We have some extras in Men’s Black and Women’s Red if you didn’t get your order in before!
Hope you guys have an incredible week this week. Hit me up with any questions you might have at shad@palocedrocrossfit.com
Here are some photos I snagged of you guys!