Physical Strength. Mental Fortitude. Indomitable Spirit.

At Palo Cedro CrossFit, we embrace "Country Strong." Country Strong is defined by hard, physical work that’s performed as a part of daily life and routine — work that you know has to get done every day to ensure a certain quality of life. When most people envision the Country Strong work ethic, they imagine days on the farm or ranch, spent outdoors in nature, cultivating a way of life. Today, we’re mostly disconnected from the kind of life that keeps us naturally strong and fit. So at Palo Cedro CrossFit, we embrace Country Strong as our inspiration and model of fitness.

We look to create a natural strength that improves anyone’s quality of life. We do that with a methodology that’s proven. With a combination of common movements from a variety of sports and strength and conditioning exercises, we create potent, efficient workouts that are guaranteed to provide amazing results. We believe so much in our program that we offer a money back guarantee.

While hard work is the backbone of any effective, results-driven program, Palo Cedro CrossFit makes it easy to put in the work and effort because our workouts are FUN, our community is supportive, and our coaches are motivating. Come see everything Palo Cedro CrossFit has to offer, let’s get to work and create a fitter, healthier and Country Strong life together.

A year from now you'll wish that you had started today.

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Our Facility: Where You'll Train

Palo Cedro CrossFit’s facility is perfectly designed for a functional fitness, Country Strong workout experience. We’re a fully equipped CrossFit facility with pull-up rigs, squat racks, weightlifting gear and free weights, and all sorts of fun toys for workouts that develop solid cores, lean muscles, and natural strength. We’ve created a one-stop fitness facility complete with an athlete’s lounge, fitness library and a nutrition and merch shop. And because we’re family-friendly, we offer a climate-controlled kids’ room for the littlest Palo Cedro family members to hang out while mom and dad hit the gym.

  •  I can't express how wonderful Palo Cedro Crossfit is. Not only do you visually see the changes, but the courage, strength, and confidence that is earned daily throughout your crossfit experience. It doesn't matter what level you are at in crossfit, we are all one big supportive family at Palo Cedro Crossfit. Thanks for everything!!!!

    Triston Urrutia